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We recognize the overwhelming nature of music contracts and the critical role they play in your journey. That's why we've developed the ultimate tool to effortlessly create bespoke contracts tailored to your needs. With our user-friendly platform, you can ensure fair deals, protect your rights, and enjoy peace of mind. Don't let contracts hold you back – let SmartLabel be the key to unlocking your full potential. Experience the power of music contracts made easy.
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Music Contract Builder
  • Recording Contracts: Secure deals with record labels while safeguarding your rights and royalties.
  • Publishing Contracts: Protect your compositions and secure licensing and royalty agreements.
  • Distribution Contracts: Streamline agreements with digital platforms to get your music heard worldwide.
  • Licensing Contracts: Enable your music to be featured in films, commercials, and other media.
  • Collaborator Contracts: Establish clear terms and agreements when working with other artists or producers.